Suggested Bible Readings

Bible Passages for Stepping Forward

As you consider your calling, sift the scriptures – they are full of people hearing or struggling to hear God’s call – which often comes to the most unlikely people, in the most unexpected ways!

Suggestions for exploring your calling through Bible study…

The Gospels: why not take a gospel and explore how Jesus discerned his call and how others heard or didn’t hear his call for them?

Character study: Moses, Ruth, David, Jeremiah, Paul – how did they hear God? What helped, what got in the way?

Bible passages that bring you alive; what are they? What might God be saying to you about the future through them?

The Call of Abraham: Genesis 12

The Call of Moses: Exodus 3

The Call of Samuel: 1 Samuel 3.1-10

The Call of Saul: 1 Samuel 9 and 10

The Call of David: 1 Samuel 16.4-13

The Call of Isaiah: Isaiah 6.1-8

The Call of Jeremiah: Jeremiah 1.4-9

The Call of Mary: Luke 1.26-38

The Call of Peter: Luke 5.1-11

The Call of the First Disciples: John 1.35-46

The Call of Mary Magdalene: John 20.1-18

The Call of Peter: John 21.15-19

The Call of Paul: Acts 9.1-22

The Call of Lydia: Acts 16.14-15

The Christian Calling: Ephesians 1.3- 14

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